It is always a treat to see one of my wedding creations walk down the aisle!

|ACUA| by Aimee Hazel Cua

"Fairies & Angels, The Ethereal Collection"

Event: Chicago Couture Fashion Week. Spring 2015. Hilton Hotel Chicago.

The beautiful models (L-R): Anna Cichocka, Kamile Inokaitis, Rachel Buchanan Savicz, Romana Nikolaevna, Kamile Kuzma, Courtney Larsen, Maddy Flynn, Jennifer Kartheiser, Ivanna Dudka, Bella Agnello, Amaia Mascó, Greta Rupeika, Sierra Ovrevik & Galina Todorova [not in the photo]

Photographer: Karen Cua Abano

Hair & Make-up Team: Jolie Mony Belle,Ula Sz, Norha Alvarez & The Paul Mitchell School Chicago

Our Backstage Angels : Donnabelle Lorenzo, Erendida Cisneros
To my Fashion Market Fashion show team, my gratitude is beyond expression...

Hair & Makeup team: I am so grateful for having been able to work with such amazing artists season after season! Everyone should know...that I can never send my models to the runway without hair & make-up! & even cancel my shows without you! That's how important you guys are to me! Thank you very much for sharing your talent with me...you complement my work!

Hairstylist: Karen Anne Souza-Torres
Make-up Artists: Jatawn Moody & Oluwaseyi Aladeselu
Photographer: Karen Cua Abano
Director/Organizer: PA Campbell

Models: Thank you all for your loyalty and dedication. I I know a couple of you were sick but still made it to the runway...I am deeply touched!

Models: Ritar Love U More, Romana Nikolaevna, Maddy Flynn, Roberta Berta, Courtney Larsen, Jennifer Kartheiser, Tara Elizabeth, Yana Bel, Michelle Schapps

Lastly, but most importantly, thank you to the best sister in the entire universe, Karen Cua, who fills so many shoes (photographer/personal MUA/assistant) during my shows...even when sick! I love you always!
I am very pleased to be the stylist/designer for the Model Idea TV show host Ms. Sherrie Gearhart! Please look for her on the new HULU Channel! 
It was an absolute honor to have worked with one of the most amazing photographers in the U.S.!!! Specializing in Fine Arts Photography, please visit his website to see more of his out of this world creations!


Chicago Couture Fashion Week
The Palmer House, Chicago, IL

Models (L-R): Yana Bel, Beca Sipraga, Adriana Falcon, Galina Todorova, Sherrie Gearheart, Gemma Berto, Nicole Petrie, Dominika Zmuda, Samantha Raynes, Jennifer Kartheiser

Make-up Artist: Dana Schuster of Clarity Make-up Artistry
Master Hairstylist: Arnaldo Guerrero of Kiva Salon

Show Producers: Chris Estes Brown
& Mark David Carter
Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) Fashion Show - www.LiveOutLoudCharity.org
Best Western Plus. Schaumburg, IL

Models(L-R): Galina Todorova, Jennifer Kartheiser, Kamille Inokaitis, Romana Nikolaevna, Emma Gavin, Brittany Gallarneau, Maddy Flynn, Ahlam Malow, Dominika Zmuda, Stephani Bakus.

Make-up Artist: Jatawn Moody of Ultimate You
Hairstylists: Arlene Orlando, Adel SpoilMe Salon & Spa

Show Producers: Sherrie Gearheart & Derek Tokarzewski
Ms. Victoria King a.k.a. GlamMa!

This lady is not only "glam-orous" outside....but a million times more "glam" inside! With so much to give, & not expecting anything in return, I say she is an artistic soul with a heart of gold! Anyone can attest to that! Hence, she is everyone's GlamMa!

"Get out there & show the world what you can do!" her very own words to me. She sure knows how to bring out the best in everyone!  Again, thank you GlamMa from the bottom of my heart for all your help & faith in me!

My utmost gratitude to everyone involved in this year's Spring/Summer Shows:

Chicago Expression Magazine's "Spring me into Fashion" held at the GrandBar that benefited the American Diabetes Association and Chicago Couture Fashion Week's "Unity in the Community" held at the Alhambra Palace that benefited the American Heritage Youth Foundation.

A fun and rewarding experience indeed! I presented alongside exceptional designers, met talented artists - photographers, make-up artists & hairstylists, & of course beautiful models!

Thank you all for your help & support! Hope to see everyone again next season! I promise it will be more fabulous!!!!!  :-)
Top (L-R) : Designer Aimee Cua, Models Oana Wana, Adelaide Burich, Yana Bel, Mercedes Small,  Romana Sokol, Galina Todorova, Destiny Duncan, Ashley Simone, & celebrity hair designer Victoria King.
Bottom (L-R): Hair designers Karen Anne Souza Torres & Michael Hopkins, Chicago Expression Magazine's Jeree Cardenas, & Make-up Artist Jatawn Moody.
**Not in the photo: Make-up artist Spicez Garcia
L-R: Models Desiree Sherri, Ashley Simone, Dominika Zmuda, Taishe Abrams, Mercedes Small, Gemma Berto, Designer Aimee Cua, models Adelaide Burich, Yana Bel, Sam Sciaccotta, & Galina Todorova.
**Not in the photo: Victoria Ng, Taylor Kubit.

Pardon our dust! {cough...cough} Been a while since our last update here {still coughing}... new exciting updates soon to follow! =)
My simple Hawaii beach wedding dress - really enjoyed my visit with my sister & old friends in the beautiful island of Kauai!  The photos of the dress are not ready yet...but I do have a short clip of the sunset photoshoot!  Check back later for updates guys...